Clibbon Gallery Etching Review

Although I have been a full-time landscape photographer for a dozen years or so, my previous passion was drawing and etching.
Through the 70's, 80's and 90's I produced many editions of fine art etchings, displaying them in my gallery in Provincetown,
other galleries and at art fairs. Working in a difficult and chemical-filled medium gradually caught up with me
and though I'm amazed looking back how many new etchings I enjoyed (mostly!) creating over the years I don't regret changing mediums.
This is just a partial collection of some of my designs all of which are sold out editions.
" Leviathan "

"Night Egrets "

" September "
" Circle of Life "

" Pelican Isle "
" Paradise "

" Blue Marlin "

" Dolphin Dance"
" Green Turtle Cove "

" Hawksbill Summer "

" Queen Triggerfish "
" Red Grouper "

" Captain Jack's Wharf"
" Catboats "

" Interiors "
" Moonshadows "
" Peacock Iris "
" Ocean Rose "