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Provincetown Harbor Scenes

The small world at the end of Cape Cod is a source of rich and haunting images for the photographer's eye. Enclosed by the sandy hook of Long Point,
Provincetown's harbor is a lively scene of colorful Portuguese fishing boats, local vessels and those from far-flung ports. Dramatic changes of tide and weather make for grand vistas of sand, sea and sky.

"The Hindu at Long Point"

"The Europa, Provincetown Harbor"
22x38" framed on canvas $175.

"Tall Ships, Provincetown"
24x38" framed on canvas $175
see it framed

"Sunfish Dawn"
21x50" framed on canvas $255.
see it framed

"Bay Lady & Hindu"

"Flyer's Sailboats, Provincetown"
21x50" framed on canvas $255.

"Cape Dory"

"Facing Town"
framed size 22x42"
see it framed under glass

"Dawn Wharves"
22x50" framed
see it framed on canvas 25x62" $395.

"Flyer's Boats"
21x50" framed on canvas $255.

"Harbor Dawn"
24x24" framed
see it framed
"Old Wharf"
20x26" framed

"East End Sandbars"
framed size 22x42"

21x50" framed on canvas $255.

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