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Provincetown Harbor Scenes

The small world at the end of Cape Cod is a source of rich and haunting images for the photographer's eye. Enclosed by the sandy hook of Long Point,
Provincetown's harbor is a lively scene of colorful Portuguese fishing boats, local vessels and those from far-flung ports. Dramatic changes of tide and weather make for grand vistas of sand, sea and sky.

"The Hindu at Long Point"

"The Europa, Provincetown Harbor"
"Tall Ships in Harbor"

"Bay Lady & Hindu"

"Flyer's Sailboats, Provincetown"
22x50" & 28x64" framed.

"Cape Dory"
34x44"framed $475.
see it framed under glass 34x44"
see it framed on canvas 30x40"

"Sunfish Dawn"
framed sizes 22x50" & 28x64"

"Facing Town"
framed sizes 22x42" & 28x52"
see it framed under glass 28x52"

"Dawn Wharves"
framed sizes 22x50" & 28x64"
see it framed under glass 28x64"
see it framed on canvas 25x60"

"Flyer's Boats"
framed sizes 22x50" & 28x64"

"Harbor Dawn"
24x24" framed $110.
see it framed
"Old Wharf"
20x26" framed $125.

"East End Sandbars"
framed sizes 22x42" & 28x52"

framed sizes 22x50" & 28x64"

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