Clibbon Gallery

About Robert Clibbon's Etchings

Robert ClibbonRobert Clibbon, a largely self-taught artist, developed his unique figurative style during a five-year stay in Europe ending in the early seventies. His innovative etchings and watercolors of marine and animal life have been exhibited and collected widely in New England and Florida.

Learning printmaking at the Pratt Graphics Center in Manhattan, the artist expanded his creative range, translating his romantic style into large etchings of rich and colorful detail. His current work matches fine line drawing, aquatint tones, and deep-textured soft ground impressions from nature to create a warm and unique style.

"I try to capture the beauty and variety of nature in my artwork. The etching medium is a natural for me as I've always liked drawing and detail.The rich colors and textures in etching are a tool to do the hardest thing - to convey feeling and even joy in your art."

About Robert Clibbon's Photography

"Like most people I've always enjoyed taking photographs for fun and my Dad was a pretty good Sunday photographer. About 10 years ago I started introducing framed photographs in our Provincetown gallery along with my etchings, mostly scenes of our beautiful Cape Cod surroundings. Learning by trial and error, but with (I think) an artist's sense of design I've refined my images and presentation to its present state. Bigger cameras (mostly film), larger negatives, good scanning and Photoshop have helped me express the clarity and beauty of Cape light as well as the raw and haunting beauty of what's left of the old Florida."

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