Clibbon Gallery Above Florida
Seen from above the flat Florida landscape takes on a new dimension and beauty

" Three Bridges Saltmarsh"
see it with a barnboard frame on canvas: 32x62"-$495.

" Riverbend, St. Johns River"
see it with a barnboard frame on canvas: 27x62"-$395.

"River Portrait"
21x41" framed on canvas $195.

" Sunflower Maze"
27x29" framed on canvas $165.
see it framed on canvas

Above St. Augustine
31x62" framed on canvas/ $495.

Ponce Inlet Boat Launch
31x49" framed on canvas/ $395.

View North, Ponce Inlet
31x62" framed on canvas/ $495.

"Ponce Lighthouse- looking North"
27x27" framed on canvas/ $165.
see it framed

"Ocean Hammock"
21x41" framed on canvas/ $195.

Above Florida- continued

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