Clibbon Gallery
West End, Provincetown

The homes in the West End of Provincetown are full of colorful history. Many of the houses were floated over from Long Point (the tip of Cape Cod) and rebuilt along the picturesque sandy waterfront. The tides in the harbor often exceed ten feet, and low tide leaves the moored sailboats stranded along the miles of flats. Quaint piers piled with a jumble of tiny shingled cottages such as Captain Jack's Wharf are either lapped by waves or high and dry .

"West End Panorama"
22x50"& 28x64"framed

"Deck Chair Float"

"Captain Jack's Boat"
22x42" & 28x52"framed

Beach House
24x24" framed
Pax Vobiscum
20x26" framed
"The Breakwater"
22x50"& 28x64"framed

"Arbor Door"
16x20" framed
"Blue Chairs"
16x20" framed
"Captain Jack's Wharf"

"West End Dusk"
22x50"& 28x64"framed


"West End Dawn"
22x50"& 28x64"framed

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